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Thank you for your interest in AdRem NetCrunch and taking the time to fill out the following online form. Once the completed form is submitted you can start your NetCrunch testing.

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Thank you for registering. Please note the following when beginning your AdRem NetCrunch online testing:
  • High speed connection is required.
  • This is the true application hosted in the virtual environment, not a video or flash
  • Unlimited access to the demo, availability 24x7.
  • Session will be disconnected after extended inactivity.
  • Ability to upload personal files or images is disabled.
  • Sample data and projects are provided.
  • Printing and saving capabilities are disabled.
  • Most recent (JVM) Java Virtual Machine is reccommended
  • Go to for updates
  • The following web browsers are supported Firefox 7 & up, Safari 5.1.1 & up, Chrome 15 & up, Internet Explorer 8 & up. Application does not work in Internet Explorer x64.
Once you click on the Launch button your NetCrunch test drive will begin setup. The application load time will be from 5 - 60 seconds to complete. It is recommended to enable pop-up and maximize the window before clicking Start. Enjoy your evaluation of AdRem NetCrunch.
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